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Video Transfer to DVD & Digital File

Do you have some great video of your child’s first steps but can no longer watch it because your old camcorder is broken or lost? We can transfer virtually any type of videotape or film to a modern DVD that can play in any DVD player.

Types of media we can transfer:
▪    MiniDV Cassettes
▪    Hi8 Cassettes
▪    Digital8 Cassettes
▪    VHS and VHS-C Cassettes
▪    Mini DVD
▪    8mm/16mm Film Reels

In addition to DVD, we can transfer any of the above types of media to a wide variety of digital file formats. These can be put on an external hard drive or USB flash drive for customers to save and share with others.

DVD Duplication

Do you need multiple copies of a DVD? Give us a call and we can make as many duplicates of your DVD as you may need. We can also print and package the new duplicates to give them a more professional look.


Audio Transfer to CD & Digital File

Do you have old audio cassettes or vinyl records laying around but do not have a cassette deck or record player? If so, Mumbo Jumbo can transfer that old tape or vinyl to a shiny new CD. We can even create multiple audio tracks allowing you to skip through the content faster to get to your favorite part. We can also transfer these old tapes and records to digital MP3 files for you.

Audio Editing

Mumbo Jumbo uses advanced audio editing software to clean up and improve your audio recordings.

CD Duplication Services

If you need more copies of your audio CDs, we can duplicate as many copies as you may need in a timely and profession