Timer Recording in Audacity

Timer Recording in Audacity One of the great new features of the Audacity 1.3.2 Beta is the Timer Record functionality that they have added. This feature allows you to do a couple of things with a timer. You can either set a recoding to start at a pre-arranged time or you can start a recording and have it run for a set length of time before stopping. In this tutorial, I will detail how to do the latter. This tutorial...

How to Switch from Stereo to Mono in Audacity

How to Switch from Stereo to Mono in Audacity I often work with audio that is spoken word rather than music. I always capture this audio in stereo (2 channels) as one channel is often louder than the other. However, I want my finished product to be in mono (1 channel) because the file size is roughly half that of a stereo file and spoken word audio does not benefit aurally from being in stereo. Audacity can easily convert stereo files...

Truncate Silence in Audacity

Truncate Silence in Audacity There are a lot of times when working with audio that you may wish to shorten the final product in a way that does not change how the audio sounds. I often transfer audio from a 90-minute cassette and need to get it to fit on an 80-minute CD. In other cases, I want to make my streaming audio files as small as possible so that they will stream easier over the Internet. Audacity offers a great...

Change Tempo in Audacity

Change Tempo in Audacity Audacity offers many great tools for editing audio files. We use Audacity, which is a free and open-source tool, over a number of other apps that we paid good money for. One of the major things that we use it for is to convert audio cassettes onto CDs. Unfortunately, a 90-minute tape will not fit on a CD, which can only hold 80 minutes of audio. In order to get our audio to fit, we use tools in...
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